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Mr. Laxmikant Maniyar.

Eastern Paradise,Baner.

Commercial : CA Office 600 Sq.ft approx.

   Offices are gorgeous spaces to design, inspired by any style, using any decor piece, balancing functionality and elegance. A pragmatic office interior design that maintains the linear nature of the original space and builds on a dark to light gradation of material and colour palette. Office Design Is Bold and Spirited Composition | Design is made for MR.Laxmikant Maniyar | CA.L.S.Maniyar | There has been a huge movement over the past 5-10 years towards collaborative workspaces where team members can effectively and easily work together on their projects in an organic and fluid way, and in a relatively small footprint. Keeping same in mind, our client CA Laxmikant Maniyar's office space was designed in Geometrical and Minimalistic way. Though the reception area and employee section being one was designed in such a way that it gave a feeling of two separate areas, accommodating a capacity of 8-10 employees

Mr.Suryakant Ghadge.

Regend Building, Dange Chowk,Pune.

Commercial: Clinic spanning 450 sq.ft approx

The interior design of clinic makes a lasting impression. The best Clinic design is to utilise the space to its best advantage and create a calming, comfortable atmosphere for patients and their families. A clinic Situated at the most competitive area i.e. Dhange chowk of our client Dr. Suryakant emphasizeWhite-wash walls intending to create a relaxing atmosphere.

"Mainly inspired by eastern aesthetics, this clinic was conceived of lightness and calm – a deep approach which has been achieved through very simple means by using Glass Partition with filming for the doctor's cabin and a blue color back painted glass at the Reception area. "This project demonstrated our ongoing focus on achieving the most with the least."


Residency at Barshi Road, Beed.

Residency : 2BHK spanning 750 Sq.ft approx.

A great starting point for any project is to keep all the requirements of the client in mind. We used Schandvian style with neutral color pallete.This home opens to a living room that is enhanced with just a few pieces of carefully chosen furniture, ensuring that the place doesn't look cramped. A clean color palette enhances the modern furniture and helps keep an uncluttered look.The large windows allow ample light in, further allowing the space to look expansive. The narrow space near the living room is used as the dining area. The table is pushed closer to the wall to create more space to move around. Modular kitchen is designed in tint and shades of brown. In the master bedroom, to bring down the stark effect of grey and brown , the ceiling is painted in white.

Mr. Shivprasad Byale

Pristine-Prolife Phase 3, Wakad, Pune.

Residency : 2BHK spanning 850 Sq.ft approx.

Our client's needs and sensibility are pivotal to our dream home creations. A 2bhk Residency situated in Pristine Profile Phase-3 society designed for our client Mr. Shivprasad Byale Highlights Modern and Minimalistic interiors. From Entrance to the bedrooms, all the furniture's are kept minimal with modern touch. The ceiling in the master bedroom is designed in combination with ply panelling and POP adding to the aesthetics of the area. At the same time the kid's bedroom is designed a bit playful using Triangle shape as the basic element.

Various colours shades are used in brown, grey, blue, white and green with aesthetical lightning at various points for full visualization of the space as We believe in combining a uniqueness in style with the basics of the practical and functional to make our creations hugely distinctive.

Mr. Harshal Dhake

Pristine-Prolife Phase 3, Wakad, Pune.

Residency : 2BHK spanning 750 Sq.ft approx.

Good design is considered to be a fusion of styles and functions and the challenge is not just to create something aesthetic, but something that combines form and function in a unique fashion. Being the second project in the same society i.e. Pristine profile phase-3, it was a challenge for us to create something really unique. Storage being the most important aspect for Our Client Mr. Harshal Dhake, we stated to use urban, Modern and zen theme with achromatic colour scheme and an inspiration from spices.

The T.V Unit gave a rich and royal touch, Functioning to the full. Clean architectural lines all over the area maintained the rhythm with All requirements accommodating in the space, giving spacious feeling at the same time. The wardrobes in the bedrooms were designed in "Shapes", an element of design to highlight. And finally,the apartment was designed that flourished the structure, the smaller details like artifacts, paintings, furnishing and other collectibles that our clients will acquired over the years, and will define our client's worldview.

Mrs. Vijaya Shende.

Skyscraper Society,Tatawade,Pune.

Residency : 2BHK spanning 850 Sq.ft approx.

About project There is no better place than Pune to illustrate how a good design can transform compact spaces. Homes in the city are more compact compared to other cities. This is a 2BHK of Shende family, they had one primary requirement- plenty of storage space to fit in the belongings they had accumulated over the years. As the Shende are a working couple, they have very little time to clean their home. So this 2BHK's interiors include easy-to-maintain materials. , The designer has ensured that they do not have many open shelves to dust; everything has shutters and includes storage. So we designed according to their respective requirements.

We have choose modern and contemporary style and hence we consider the following points:
• The aesthetics of both are minimalist.
• Clean architectural lines are their signature
• They both have an open-space feel.
We select split complementary color scheme and choose colors like pink ,lavender ,brown and white. We take inspiration from flowers as the flowers-the scenic beauty of the nature leaves us mesmerized. Many of us get inspired too and try to replicate them at our home- our world inside the world.